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Learning at Etchingham

We have high expectations in every area of school life and are learning centred.

Key drivers in ensuring that pupils strive for excellence are :

  • Continuing to develop the Federation with Bodiam C E School.
  • Giving high value to enabling pupils to have the opportunity to be actively involved in and  steering their learning on a day to day basis
  • Promoting a ‘Curriculum for Learning’ which frequently involves real life contexts, motivates and engages pupils through high quality learning opportunities and their involvement with curriculum design and is FUN!
  • Encouraging ‘Behaviour for Learning’ which ensures that high priority is given to developing the respect and equality that permeate all aspects of school life.
  • Encouraging partnership and good communication with parents. Only with effective home / school partnerships can pupils be the best they can be.

SIAMS Inspection 2017 

The creative curriculum is carefully adapted and personalised to meet the strengths and needs of individual pupils. This includes providing imaginative and engaging targeted learning support for pupils, especially those identified by the school as ‘vulnerable’.  Consequently, learning is exciting and relevant resulting in ‘vulnerable’ pupils gaining increased confidence and self-esteem as they move through the school. 


You and your leadership team have developed a culture of high expectations for all pupils, combined with careful attention to their individual needs.

You and your team constantly look for ways to improve pupils’ learning and to enhance their experience of school. For example, you have developed the curriculum over the past year so that it is even more lively and engaging than previously. As a result, learning is meaningful, exciting and fun.  



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