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Reading at Etchingham 

At  Bodiam and Etchingham C E Schools, there is a rigorous programme of phonics teaching across the school.

Pupils are grouped according to developmental  ‘stage’ and  not  ‘age’ groups.

We use the following materials:

  • Jolly Phonics
  • Phonics Play
  • Letters and Sounds
  • Support for Spelling

For READING, our key schemes are:

  • Tree Tops
  • OUP
  • Phonics Bug
  • Oxford Reading Tree
  • Rigby Star

These are supplemented by a wide range of books in our classrooms, pupils are able to make their own or guided choices.

We promote a love of reading and plan regular activities to encourage our children to develop all aspects of the skills needed to be competent readers and to develop reading stamina.  Our Y6 BUDDIES share books and read regularly with the Reception Class.


Our pupils relish  the ‘unexpected’ eg SQUIRT TIME!

Sustained, Quiet Uninterrupted Reading Time (SQUIRT).

Pupils stop what they are doing when the bell is rung unexpectedly and read for fifteen minutes!

Pupils do not know in advance that this will happen but when the whistle goes, the school falls silent as everyone gets their book and reads!


Reading with parents at home is key to building reading stamina which is now essential in the light of the more challenging curriculum.

Pupils are expected and encouraged to read at home most days. It makes a huge difference to progress. 

  • Encourage the children to ask the meaning of unfamiliar vocabulary to extend their knowledge.
  • Read to your child – the book can be more challenging than the level they at which they are reading
  • Let the children listen to audio CDs