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Curriculum Assessment

Staff regularly assess pupils to ensure that work planned for each child is appropriate for their needs and abilities. ‘Challenge and Choice’ activities which were trialled in Maths in 2014 - 2015 are now being rolled out into other curriculum areas (2015 – 2016). This is where our pupils choose the level of challenge in which they engage and they are confident to do so. ‘Challenging ourselves’ is a phrase often heard by pupils discussing their learning.

Rigorous tracking and termly Pupil Progress Meetings monitor the progress of each child in the school and ensure that there are no surprises and that all children make at least and often better than expected progress.  We believe that in order to be the best they can be, pupils need to know what they are learning (learning objective), how it relates to real life,  whether they have succeeded (success criteria) and what their next steps in learning are.

New systems to reflect the government’s policy of  ‘assessment without levels’ are being implemented from September 2015 but the principles which underpin the system do not change.


Formal testing and assessment take place in accordance with statutory requirements. In Year 2, Teacher Assessment is moderated by the Local Authority and Year 6 children sit the Standard Assessment Tasks or Tests (SATs) as laid down in the National Curriculum. Test scores are made available to parents in the annual summary record to parents in Term 6..

Y1 pupils undergo a statutory Screening Test in the summer term.







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