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Federation with Bodiam C E School

Etchingham C E School is Federated with Bodiam C E School under the Riverside Federation. The schools share an Executive Headteacher (who is on both sites daily). Regular events take place across the schools for pupils and staff work and train together to provide the best possible opportunities for the pupils of both schools, each of which reflects its own unique context and community. 

The rationale of the Federation is ‘Better together.’ We believe the arrangement to be a key driver in our pursuit of excellence so that we meet the needs and aspirations of all pupils. The concept of Partnership reflects current thinking in National and Local Authority circles. There have been many ‘spin offs’ from our collaboration which are reflected in positive feedback from all communities. Of course, the Headteacher’s car frequently transports resources from one school to the other!   


There are 3 main areas of partnership working: 

  • Whole School / Key Stage / Class Events

    These are the public face of the Federation. Pupils come together and enjoy collaborating and co-operating together in learning opportunities which always have an element of peer challenge and stimulus.  Most of all, the pupils have a broader range of peers and friends with whom to learn.

    Most visits which enhance our exciting and relevant curriculum take place as joint ventures across peer classes / key stages

    E.g. 2015 – In the beginning – Learning Journey

    As part of the pupil voice contribution to the Learning Journey, our pupils across both schools and both key stages asked to go on a visit to experience aspects of the Learning Journey in a different context.

    EYFS and KS1 visited PARADISE PARK

    KS2 visited The Rural Life Museum in Kent.




  • Staff – Collaboration and Professional Development -

    Staff across both schools share expertise and development opportunities. These  include coaching, INSET and resources to support learning. Staff plan together with outcomes reflecting the individual classes for which they are responsible.

    This aspect of our Federation underpins every aspect of the life of both schools.

    Ofsted 2013

    Teachers  “skilfully plan interesting lessons which capture pupils’ interest and

        build on  their previous learning. Meaningful activities are well matched to

        pupils’  different  abilities.”

        External Consultant Feb 2016  Staff are highly ambitious for pupils’

        outcomes. They work exceptionally well together as colleagues, including

        in planning the curriculum.’


    Small group support

    Through working together, we have been able to provide pupils with opportunities for focussed tuition in gender, ability and interest groups. The impact has been increased motivation of pupils and improved attainment.

    2015 – 2016 activities include :

  • Girls Writing Y4-5 - Able Writers
  • Can Draw – Art Club for selected Y5-6 pupils with professional artist – John Tyson.
  • Mathematics Y2 




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